Food & Drink

All KS1 and Foundation Stage children receive free school meals.

Healthy lunches are provided by AiP. Parents and children choose and pay for their meals in advance. They follow current government guidelines for healthy eating in schools, also research shows that school lunches are nutritionally superior to most packed lunches and can lead to improved behaviour and attainment. Children not choosing hot lunches are encouraged to bring healthy lunch boxes.

Ordering & paying for lunches

All school dinners need to be ordered online using the AiP app. 



All children and adults are encouraged to bring water from home and have it available to them throughout the school day. We have no vending machines. Children are encouraged to take their bottles of water with them on school trips, sports events or outside on warm days to have at break times.

Children are allowed to drink other non-fizzy drinks at lunch-times but are again encouraged to drink water through the provision of jugs of water and cups. Up to the age of five children receive free school milk. Parents can receive more information from Mrs Beecham in the School Office if they wish to pay for milk.


Sweets, chocolate and crisps are not allowed at breaktime. We have decided that fruit and vegetables, water and milk only are allowed. Foundation Stage and KS1 children have free fruit provided by government funding. KS2 children are encouraged to bring their own fruit and vegetables.

Holiday snacks & birthday cakes

In the past children often brought food and sweets from their holidays to share with the class. We do not allow this to happen as it could be seen as an endorsement of holidays taken during school time. In addition, we need to be aware of special dietary needs and allergies. We would ask that birthday cakes are not sent to school to be distributed for the reasons stated above. This reinforces our message of being a Healthy School.

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