Our Aims & Ethos

We are justifiably proud of our village school with:
We aim to ensure that each child achieves his or her potential:

The school makes very good use of its magnificent grounds and is proud of its outdoor learning opportunities. Interesting activities and effective questioning from adults ensures that pupils are engaged and making progress. Comments from parents on Ofsted’s free text service include, ‘my daughter has thrived at Marden Primary’ and ‘it is a fantastic school that teaches great morals and respect to the children’.

Ethos of the school

In Marden Primary Academy everybody’s contribution is considered to be important to our positive ethos and happy atmosphere – from children, cleaners, lunchtime supervisors, secretary, support assistants, governors, teachers etc. We think of ourselves as one family with everybody helping each other to achieve their full potential. We also hope that all parents feel they can talk to staff when they need to, or are able to make appointments whenever the need arises. If there is something you wish to discuss with your child’s teacher, you are welcome ANY afternoon after school.

Equality Objectives
In addition to the knowledge and skills gained from the National Curriculum subjects, we encourage the following ‘life skills’ to be developed throughout a child’s time in our environment of care, support and security.

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