Creative Curriculum.

We hope to inspire a lifelong interest and a curiosity about our world.
Our curriculum is a continually evolving blend of learning experiences, designed to develop the fundamental skills and knowledge which children need to succeed in modern Britain. It is aimed to be rich, relevant, interesting and engaging.

Lessons and activities are planned to embed and deepen learning by providing opportunities for skills and knowledge to be transferred and applied.  The core subjects and foundation subjects are generally taught through a cross-curricular approach, but we recognise that sometimes it is necessary to teach discrete subjects.  We believe that real-life, hands-on experiences enrich learning and endeavour to incorporate this through practical activities, outdoor learning, visits and inviting visitors to the school.


Our curriculum is further enhanced by themed weeks which have been proposed by the children and in which they work collaboratively on a whole school topic.  We like the children to take ownership of their learning so that it becomes more meaningful to them and encourages them to become confident, independent learners.

The school meets the requirements of the National Curriculum for Years 1 to 6, and the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum for pupils in Reception.  Staff have carefully planned themes and learning objectives to ensure full coverage and progression.

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