Class 3 – Forest Schools


This term, Class 3 have been lucky enough to have Forest Schools every Wednesday with Mrs. Laverick! We started off by working together to build shelters outside, which was more complicated than we thought. We have learned all about fire safety and even made hot chocolate and popcorn, although the popcorn may have got slightly burnt! It was very exciting getting the fire ready and lighting it ourselves and then getting to see the corn bouncing and jumping around in the pan. We also did a few activities linked to our Science and Geography topics of Rocks, Fossils and Soils and Volcanoes. Mrs. Laverick showed us how different soils can look and explained how fossils are made as well as some different rocks like pumice. It’s so light! As well as all that we played lots of games outside, which everyone loved. Some of them were team-building games that encouraged us to think and do things all together and some of them were just for fun! It’s been a jam-packed 5 weeks!

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