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Classes 1 and 2’s Christmas visit

Classes 1 and 2’s Christmas visit

Classes 1 and 2’s Christmas visit to Madley Environmental Centre

We went on an exciting trip to Madley Environmental Centre. First we went on the bus, it was our first time on a bus and we thought it was great. We talked about what we could see out of the windows on our way. When we got to Madley we were met by Mrs Claus. She took us to see a winter village. We then went on a walk, we followed the path and met a polar bear! Whilst we were walking we saw an elf hiding. She told us her name was Bluebell and she told us a Christmas story. She said we could go and look for Santa. We followed lots of clues but we couldn’t find him! We found a basket of colourful patterned socks but there was only one of each so we had to find the matching ones. Then we went inside and made a Christmas card. We chose pieces of old Christmas cards to make a Christmas tree for the front of the card. We then wrote our names inside. After we had finished we had some squash and biscuits. We were going to have a story read to us but Mrs Claus and Bluebell couldn’t get it out of the book case. They pulled it and the book case moved and there was a surprise behind the book case. It was Santa’s living room! We all went inside, it was amazing! We all said hello to Santa and told him what we wanted for Christmas and Santa gave us all a present. It was then time to go back to school.

We had a fantastic morning!