Cake of the week

Cake of the week

Calling all bakers – Children, Dads, Mums, Grannies and Grandads

Time for fun and help raise some money for our school!!!

By making a cake – be creative, the sky’s the limit.

Monday is cake of the weekday.  Children and parents can bring in 20p to buy a raffle ticket and see if they can win the cake.

Tickets will be on sale every Monday morning before school starts.

Then in assembly the winning ticket will be pulled out of the hat and that child will take the cake home to enjoy.

We have a list in the office with dates on and are asking if you could bake for one Monday and write your name on that date.

We will be starting on Monday 2nd October.

Don’t forget your 20p every Monday and see if you can win!!

Marden Primary Academy