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Letter from the new ‘Headteacher for a Day’

Letter from the new ‘Headteacher for a Day’


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Headteacher: Miss M Newton BEd (Hons) Headteacher for the day: Oskaras Rackauskas

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              Friday 3rd March 2017

Dear Parent/Guardian

Today was my opportunity to be Headteacher for the day. When I came into school I was very nervous at first but then it all changed when I saw Miss Newton who welcomed me kindly. I then went to greet all of the teachers and staff at Marden Primary Academy. Next I went to back to the office and Miss Newton told me that I would be going to check how the teachers and children are working. Miss Newton handed me a clipboard with a piece of paper on it and she explained to me that I was to write notes about each classroom. Miss Newton and I then discussed our notes and then I held a staff meeting giving feedback to the teachers about what I had seen.

After break had finished me and Miss Newton took some books from each class to see what the children’s work was like. This took us all the way up to lunchtime so then I went in to the lunch hall to carry out lunchtime duty. After everybody had their lunch it was wet play and I spent it by walking in and out of classrooms to check the children were behaving. When the bell rang meaning break time was over I went back in to my office where Miss Newton gave me her unplanted sunflower kit to plant.

I have printed off some certificates for each class these will be given out at the end of the day assembly. The certificates will be awarded for ‘Kindness, Friendliness and Good Behaviour’, ‘Good Effort for English Work’ and ‘Outstanding Maths Work’.

I have taken assembly this afternoon where I had to speak to the star trackers, do the raffle, hand out birthday cards and hand out my certificates and the special certificates.

I have enjoyed every moment of being Headteacher for the day. The part that I have most enjoyed is taking assembly.

Yours sincerely

Oskaras Rackauskas

Headteacher for the day

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